Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winthrop Ice Rink Parking

The Winthrop Ice Rink and its programs have been a great success for the Town of Winthrop. With that success, however, has come the challenge of managing the impacts on neighboring properties and their owners. Parking and traffic considerations have been the biggest headaches. This winter, the Town added 10 mph speed limit signs to the access road to the rink that for the most part are being respected and that is greatly appreciated for everyone’s safety. We also added no parking signs along the entry road and along the northeastern (towards the river) edge of the lot to preserve the access to the maintenance road to the rink and more importantly to preserve access for the guests of the Methow River Cabins neighboring the rink. Unfortunately, these no parking areas are not always being respected and rink users have been blocking access to the cabins and even using the cabin property to park or drop-off skaters. These actions are unacceptable to the Town and are unfair to our neighbors at the Methow River Cabins.

The lower lot at the ice rink is designed to accommodate approximately 15 to 20 cars (including the 2 disabled parking stalls). If you arrive at the rink and the lower lot is already full, you must park in the upper lot which can be accessed off of White Avenue (Twin Lakes Rd.) just past the entrance for Winthrop Physical Therapy and Fitness. A lighted stairway leads from the upper lot directly to the ice rink.

Please help us continue to build on the success of the ice rink and be good neighbors to the adjacent properties and their owners.