Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank You Volunteers!

Recently, the Town of Winthrop hosted an event at the Winthrop Barn to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism that helps make the community of Winthrop such a special place to live, work, and visit. Twelve groups and nearly eighty individuals that have given generously of their time and support over the past year to improve the town for all were recognized.

The Town thanked a number of organizations that, while perhaps not all strictly volunteer, have contributed to the well being of the town and its citizens through a spirit of helping others. These organizations include the Winthrop Auditorium Association, Winthrop Chamber of Commerce, Shafer Museum, Sullivan Cemetery Association, the Cove, Winthrop Kiwanis, Moccasin Lake Foundation, the Abandoned Cat Team, Methow Conservancy, Winthrop Ice and Sports Rink Association, Methow Valley Sport Trails Association, and Aero Methow Rescue Service.

In addition to these organizations, a great many individuals have contributed their time and efforts to a variety of town committees and projects over the past year. The Town of Winthrop’s Westernization Committee, Planning Commission, Civil Service Commission, Tree Board, Parks Committee, and 2% Committee are all made up of volunteers. The Town of Winthrop Fire Department is manned by dedicated volunteers that put themselves in harms way to keep us safe. Other volunteers contributed their time and support to the planning and development of a community ice rink and trailhead facility, to construction of the Kathryn Wagner covered footbridge, and to other Town endeavors.

In appreciation of these generous contributions of time and effort, the Town of Winthrop wishes to thank Cody Acord, Phil Ager, Jennifer Argraves, Heike Baesecke, the Belsby Family, Darold Brandenburg, Duncan Bronson, Issac Buzzard, Ottis Buzzard, Kathy Carney, Jeff Chandler, Ernie Chenel, Lance and Jen Christensen, Mike Cook, Fred Cooley, Terry Cooper, Mark Crum, Janice Dickinson, Les Dyer, Don Elsing, Susan Eylar, Brad and Chris Garner, Mel and Chris Hartwig, John Hayes, Paul Hayne, Colleen Henry, Mike Hicks Sr., Mike Hicks Jr., Larry Higbee, Spencer Hutchinson, Don Johnson, Logan Johnson, Larry Kahle, Terry Karro, Levi Keene, Dan and Mary Kirkmire, Dennis Knutzen, Dan Kuperberg, Peter Larsen, Mike LaVergne, Kjell Lester, Jay Lucas, Jonathan Malone, Megan Malone, Brian McAuliffe, Carl and Roxie Miller, Lynn Miller, Doug Mohre, Mark and Gina Monteverde, Dottie Noyes, Terry Olson, Agi Ottlyk, John Owen, Jerry Palm, Margo Peterson, Lee Pilkinton, Mike Pruett, Roy Reiber, Ed Rhinehart, Dick and Sue Roberts, Evan Robertson, Marc Roberston, Dave Sabold, Paul Soodak, Richard and Dolly Stahl, Bill Tackman, Randy Thordarson, Dewaine Wallin, Krista Wallin, Don Waller, Fred Wert, and Bob Wilson.

In putting this list of groups and individuals together, it is inevitable that we have missed deserving parties. Please be assured that this is not intentional and the town appreciates all who have given of their time and efforts to make this such a special place to live, work, and visit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Volunteer Recognition Event - October 25th

The Town of Winthrop invites the public to a celebration of the volunteers and groups that have given of their time over the last year to help the Town make Winthrop a great place to live, work, and visit. The event will take place on wednesday October 25th, 2006 from 6pm to 8pm at the Winthrop Barn. The evening will begin with a social hour from 6pm to 7pm with refreshments being served. At 7pm, the volunteer recognition presentation will begin. The evening will conclude around 8pm with cake being served. Please join us to recognize these generous individuals and groups. For more information, please contact Town Hall at 509-996-2320