Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Winthrop Planning Community Workshop

These days Winthrop is changing and yet staying the same. It is still a small town. Its citizens are still friendly and care deeply for the place they live. Although its population is still about 370 people according to the State of Washington, just an increase of 21 people since the 2000 census, few would argue that Winthrop isn’t growing. New commercial buildings and many new residential development proposals have citizens wondering if the town is adequately prepared to handle these changes and some of the related issues and challenges they pose. These citizens are not alone, the Winthrop Town Council and Planning Commission have been eyeing these changes and considering the need to perhaps revisit the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and possibly make some improvements to it and/or Winthrop’s zoning code. As part of this consideration, the two groups held a joint meeting a several weeks ago to discuss what they felt some of the key issues and challenges facing the town and its citizens are. Also discussed was the desire and need for a public workshop to gather input from the citizens of Winthrop to make sure that their concerns and issues could be considered and addressed during this re-examination of the Comprehensive Plan.

This is where you come in. On Tuesday, May 13th, at 6pm, the Town of Winthrop will host a public workshop at the Winthrop Barn to gather public input and opinion on the issues and challenges facing Winthrop. This workshop is intended primarily as a community brainstorming session with an emphasis on generating a list of issues, challenges, and possible solutions to be investigated and worked on by the Town Council, Planning Commission, town staff, and citizen committees as necessary. The workshop will be facilitated by Winthrop’s Building Official Dave Sandoz who also happens to be a trained facilitator. Please come and join us and share your ideas and opinions on the issues and challenges that Winthrop and its citizens face. Be part of helping Winthrop effectively meet the challenges of the future so that even as it faces change it can stay the same wonderful place we all love.