Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tree Inventory

The Town of Winthrop's Tree Board will be conducting a tree inventory during the month of July as the first step towards the development of a Community Forestry Plan. The inventory is intended to identify types and numbers of trees in town, assess tree health, and determine maintenance needs. The Tree Board and other volunteers have formed two-person teams, each covering an assigned section of town. Where permission is granted, the teams will measure trees on private property. Otherwise they will estimate the size and condition of trees from the street. Where trees are too numerous to count individually, the teams will do a general stand assessment.

Once the inventory is complete, a certified arborist will look at any potentially hazardous trees along streets and public places and make recommendations as to whether certain trees should be removed for public safety. In general, the information will be used to help the community maintain and care for our existing tree population and plant new trees for the future in appropriate areas.

The Winthrop Tree Board is a volunteer group of citizens that advises the Town on tree care, preservation, planting, and removal. Anyone who is interested in the tree board may contact Dan Kirkmire, chairman, at 996-2368. There is no in-town residency requirement to serve on the tree board so all are welcome to serve.